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Nurse life floating glitter pen

Nurse life floating glitter pen

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Take all of your vitals down with this smooth writing ink pen! It's black ink glides over your notes or alcohol pad, with no dry time to prevent smudges! Adding to the #jazzysquad flair, it is filled with glitter and shears that float! 


This pen is a must have! Get it personalized with your name on it and the words "nurselife" in pink vinyl. Available in silver and gold.

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Ink Pen Fun Facts

Type Of Pen

The original pen is a papermate inkjoy pen with a dash of hand sprinkled glitter and 3d clay sprinkles.

How It's Designed

To keep your design looking beautiful, it is encased in a resin coating, which gives it the shiny look. So, the pen will be a tiny bit thicker, which gives you amazing grip.

Is It Refillable?

The best part is that these pens are REFILLABLE!! Refills can be purchased through here!


It comes with a clear pen case to keep your pen looking it's best.